The Dangers of Big Philanthropy: Purposefully Failing Charities

Article by Chuck Collins: The Dangers of 'Big Philanthropy' 


By Jameil Hall:

Mainstream Charity

Most mainstream charities are corrupt, at least to some degree. The reason for this is that large nonprofits technically have no owner, are managed and operated by appointed board members and a hired CEO, and are simply over-looked by the government. Board members are paid, and CEO's/Presidents/Executive Directors of nonprofits are paid based on their performance, which is measured simply by how much revenue they can generate for 'the cause', meaning the more they generate, the more they make in salary, and they decide what that 'appropriate' salary is in relation to the revenue—this is why we see board members and CEO's of charities living like corporate executives. They are able to become so mainstream because they are started by wealthy corporate people, and so other corporate people are put in these positions, making decisions based on profits (higher salaries and closed-door contributions) rather than the charity’s actual cause, perpetuating the predatory capitalism of the U.S. system.

On top of this, charities use another loophole to perpetuate the predatory capitalist system, and to generate more money for themselves and other corporations. Charities will donate to the charitable causes of other large corporations, that are just nonprofit extensions of the businesses, who then donate to other large corporations, so on and so forth, creating a cycle of corrupt profits being stimulated through those corporations, all being written-off on taxes, and so maintaining and stimulating the upper-class economy, doing for those in need only what is necessary to keep their system going, and destroying those in need in every other way, so as to maintain a poor class to target.

To top it off, the mainstream charities donate to 'disaster relief efforts' and other claimed causes of large corporations of companies such as Amazon, Costco, Google, Facebook—THE 1%—the elite entities that fund certain presidential candidates and politicians to implement the policies that keep our people oppressed, like investments in private prisons and the strategic implementation of school districts and tax-based funding, perpetuating the school-to-prison pipeline to provide Black bodies for slave-labor for these same companies—this is why they attack the education of our youth.

Charitable For-Profits

You made have heard of charitable for-profit companies like Tom's Shoes, who give a pair of shoes for every pair sold. The use of this model is on the rise, with many companies following Tom's using the 1-for-1 model, while others give a small percentage of proceeds to a cause, generally no more than 10%.

While it is great that these companies are 'making a difference,' the difference they make is more so an expense of the marketing it provides. The companies generate millions in profits, while donating very little. For examples, according to an article from WordPress, Tom's shoes only cost $9 to produce, yet they sell their shoes for upwards of $100. The brand became popular because of its philanthropic model, but it is simply a tactic used to create more sales—the amount they donate (1 shoe for 1 shoe) does not increase with the profits they make from increased sales.

For companies who give a percentage of their earnings, the tactic is similar. The companies always make sure to give a percentage of their revenue, NOT their profits—this has two great financial benefits: (1) the company increases sales due to their philanthropic cause (2) as a result, as their revenue increases, the amount they donate grows proportionately—as long as their sales increase more than their expenses, the more they get to write-off on their taxes, and the more profit they actually make in relation to what they are donating.


As explained above, we don't think about the fact that when we donate to mainstream charities, most of the time, more of our dollar goes toward paying salaries and other large corporations, than goes to the cause we are actually donating for, and with the relatively small amounts we donate in comparison to the upper-class, the average person doesn’t write-off their donations come tax time. With this model, profits will be used to directly impact Black communities, spending taxable money in Black communities stimulating the lower-class and lower-middle-class Black economies, funding business start-ups specifically for Black communities, while providing resources to provide a quality education for Black youth.

If money is stimulated in majority through our own communities, opportunities will arise, and incomes will rise. That’s how the upper-class does it—they spend amongst each other and stimulate their own separate economy, successfully convincing us to spend into it.

We don’t need to follow the American Dream—it’s not real.

Using profits makes it so this business model can be implemented by any business, in any industry, even if the business is already well established. We don’t need to have the money of Mark Zuckerbergs and Jeff Bezoses individually—reports put Black buying power at above $1,000,000,000,000—if we put that into our own communities, we will rise—buying back the properties in the Black community overtime, rebuilding, and being in control of our future.

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.” - Bob Marley

 Our ancestors believed in One Consciousness—with this model, we can live together in prosperity, as one people.